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We wish you all a Happy and Safe
Holiday Season!

Along with expressing our wishes for you all to have a great holiday season, we have some announcements to make. We continue to get a lot of questions about future SpringCon and FallCon shows. As you all know, COVID turned the world upside down. The Minnesota State Fair Grounds always provided us with a great and affordable location for events. Many of you are not familiar with how events like ours are run at the fair and the challenges it can pose. Availability and seasonal weather were always difficult items to juggle between the fair and our organization. The buildings do not have heating or air conditioning. With Minnesota’s cold winters and hot summers, and the long blackout dates before and after the Minnesota State Fair event and other events run on the fairgrounds regularly, we had very short windows to book events that would provide us with comfortable temperatures. During COVID, the fair chose to partner with the Auto Show in May which took away our traditional SpringCon dates. All of the factors involved, including rising costs and scheduling around other events (at the fair and other comic events) have just made working with the Fair too difficult. Therefore after 30 years we will not be holding anymore

SpringCon or FallCon shows.

Additionally, we are announcing our final event. Microcon III will be held at the Mermaid Event Center, in the Atlantis Ball Room, on April 8th, 2023. Microcon III will be a fan appreciation event and will be a free admission event. We hope that many of you stop by to say farewell and enjoy the show. Although the Microcon events have been smaller events compared to SpringCon and FallCon, everyone involved has been having a lot of fun.

Lastly, we will be shutting down our website and twitter site at the end of 2023. We will continue to run our Facebook page as a community page. There are plenty of other great comic events in our area and the MCBF Facebook page will continue to be a place for everyone to share and learn about other events in our area.


We would like to thank all of you for your participation in our great comic community!

-  Midwest Comic Book Fans

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