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The Covid-19 Pandemic has greatly affected all of our lives, and comic book-related careers and businesses are no exception. While vaccine availability is increasing, and things in general are headed in the right directions at this time, rules and restrictions on public gatherings are still in force. 

We are happy to announce that we are moving forward with plans for FallCon 2021 and plan to extend that into a 2-day event for 2021.

FallCon 2021 will be held in the Education Building of the State Fair, on October 9th & 10th. Admission will be $15 for both days, and while Covid-19 will prevent some of our traditional features from occurring (including food shelf donations, panels, and the costume contest), we are confident we will be able to present the best & safest show possible in adherence to all local & state guidelines regarding mask usage, crowd size, and any other limitations in place at the time of the show.

We thank you for your continued patience and support in these trying times, and look forward to seeing all of you again in October!

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