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Chris Anderson

Comic artist and writer who's known for his work on Los Angels, One-Shot Horror, Creepshow, Heavy Metal Magazine, Horrorium and the upcoming Chaotic Neutral.

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Andy Brase

Andy has drawn covers for titles including Predator, Doctor Strange, Punisher, Swamp Thing. Hulk, Daredevil, Black Panther, and many others. He has done book cover art and game art, including upcoming releases for Magic the Gathering.

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Zander Cannon

American cartoonist who has been making comics since '93, notably Top 10Smax , The Replacement God, and Kaijumax.

Steve Fastner

Steve Fastner

Acclaimed airbrush artist in Minnesota’s own comics and fantasy illustration team, Fastner & Larson! Steve is the inventor of several innovative airbrush techniques and is the 2006 winner of the Minnesota Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award.


Ale Garza

Alé is a penciler and comics artist. He is known for his work on titles like Gen¹³, Zero, E.V.E., Batgirl, and Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day. Aside from DC, Garza has worked on Marvel Comics’ Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Top Cow's Witchblade.



Kickliy storyteller, esteemed oil painter, and creator of the award-winning all ages graphic novel series Musnet. Also known for his popular mature themed western comedy Perdy, Kickliy is a master of many mediums and majestic storyteller.


Rich Koslowski

Rich is best known for his comic book series, The 3 Geeks (later Geeksville).Rich’s first writing assignment for Marvel Comics, was Weapon Omega. He has worked as a Writer and Artist for companies such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Bongo, Archie, Boom, and many more. 


Doug Mahnke


FROM 1 PM to 3PM !

Highly popular Inker, Penciller, Colorist, Artist, Cover & Variant Cover, Designer, for DC Comics Doug will be doing a special appearance signing.


Tom Nguyen

Tom Nguyen is a full-time freelancer, primarily for DC Comics, but other clients include Marvel Comics, Wizard Magazine, Upper Deck Entertainment, and others. 


Eliot Rahal

Eliot Rahal is a New York Time--acclaimed Minneapolis based comics and screenwriter who has worked with international chart-topping musicians. Eliot also has published works with many comic publishers including Archie, Aftershock, Dark Horse, Oni, Vault, Valiant, and others.


Mark Stegbauer

Artist and comic book inker for Marvel, DC, and Image, artist of Ghoul Scouts at Action Lab, creator of Dr Goyle, Mark has been drawing comics for over 25 years. Mark’s work has been in many titles including Spider-Man, Nova, Avengers, JLA, Flash, Impulse, and the Badger.

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John Bivens

Eisner and Harvey Award winning Comic artist, John has worked for IMAGE Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, Vault Comics, Valiant Comics, IDW Publishing. and others.

John’s work spans the genres of crime, horror, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and education.

Drew Brockington.JPG

Drew Brockington

Illustrator and Author, Drew Brockington is the creator of the CatStronauts series of graphic novels. His first picture book, Hangry, was published by Little, Brown in 2019.

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Keith Champagne

Keith is a graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art. Well known for his work at DC Comics, his work has appeared in JSA, Firestorm, and Superboy. 


Otis Frampton

Otis is a writer and artist, the creator of ODDLY NORMAL. Otis has written & illustrated books for Lucasfilm, IDW Publishing, DC Comics, Capstone Books, and is an artist on the popular animated web-series HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED.


Jordan Gunderson

Comic book artist currently working for Aspen comics. Creator and artist of Dissension: War Eternal. Jordan has done work for Aspen, Dynamite Entertainment, Boom Studios, and Zenoscope.


Ryan Kincaid

Popular Cover artist, penciler and writer, Ryan has done work with multiple companies including, DC comics, Archie comics, coffin comics, Aftershock, Image, IDW,

Counterpoint comics, Scout, Ablaze, and many many more.

Rich L._edited.jpg

Rich Larson

Rich drew ghost stories for Charlton and underground comix in the 70’s, followed by Marvel Super-hero portfolios, Whisper for First Comics in the 80’s. Teaming up with Steve Faster he has done covers for Weird Western, Lady Rawhide, and many others.

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Clara Meath

Clara is a comic book artist and writer. She has worked for IDW, Aftershock, Chapterhouse, and Scout. Her credits include Shadow Play by Scout, Midnight Vista by Aftershock, and numerous variant covers and several self-published comics. She is currently working on a creator-owned comic called ‘mother’47."


Gordan Purcell

Gordan is a comics artist, best known for drawing STAR TREK and XFILES, along with JLA, FLARE and ROBIN. Perhaps best known for his realistic renditions of the actors in  licensed books, such as The X-FilesXena: Warrior PrincessGodzillaBarb Wire, and The Terminator.


Brent Schoonover

Illustrator and Comic Book Artist known for work at Marvel and DC. Brent is a full-time freelancer taking on all kinds of editorial illustrations and packaging assignments with a distinctive style that marries retro and contemporary influences to create something uniquely his own.

Jason Walz 2_edited.jpg

Jason Walz

Jason is the author and illustrator of the graphic novels Last Pick, Last Pick: Born to Run, Last Pick: Rise Up, A Story for Desmond, and Homesick (Eisner nominated). In addition to cartooning, Jason has also been teaching within special education for twenty plus years. Those experiences continue to shape the stories he tells.


Dave Wheeler

Comic Artist, Streamer, Writer, Designer, and Toy Maker! Dave doesn’t let any creative roadblocks get in his way. He pretty much does it all!