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About the Midwest

Comic Book Fans

Who are we?

Midwest Comic Books Fans is an organization for comic book fans run by comic book fans! We are dedicated to presenting fun, comics-first, affordable comic book conventions in a safe, family-friendly environment, featuring the best of the Midwest and beyond!


The legacy of the MCBF goes back over thirty years, when a group of like-minded comic book fans, retailers, and professionals banded together to celebrate all things comics and share their passion with like-minded fans! Their mission has been handed down through the years, as members came and went, with some, like Dan Jurgens & Gordon Purcell, finding professional success in the industry, others retiring, and in some cases, passing on.


Today, the spirit of those earliest gatherings lives on in the MCBF in the form of our two-day SpringCon and one-day FallCon conventions, which provide opportunities for fans of all ages and interests to meet creators, purchase exciting & one-of-a-kind wares, show off fanciful costumes, and in countless other ways, celebrate the FUN of comic books!