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Are you ready to table with us?

We are always looking for fresh, new, and exciting comic and comic-related creators! The MCBF does not charge artists and writers for a space at our shows. To qualify for a FREE creator space, you must be selling items that you have created yourself.  Prints, posters, crafts, books, and other merchandise may be sold as long as you participated in their initial creation in part or in whole.  If you are selling items YOU DID NOT CREATE, or reselling mass-market items, you MUST apply as a Dealer/Vendor.

Because our creator spaces are FREE, naturally there is high demand! Please read this page and make sure to fill out your application correctly and fully to have the greatest chance of being approved!


Each FREE creator space consists of, and includes, the following:

  • A 4ft wide table space (one half of an 8ft table), with one chair and table cloth. There is adequate spacing behind your table for most pull-up and other common styles of backdrop banners, provided they do not exceed 4ft in width and do not exceed reasonable height (8ft-10ft).

  • You will be sharing the other half of the 8ft table where you are seated with a second creator.

  • FREE lunch is served each day for both the two-day spring show and one-day fall show.

  • FREE dinner is served Saturday evening of the two-day spring show.

Space is awarded based on a number of factors, including your work's relation to the comic book medium, publishing history and frequency, current web presence, talent, and our available space in relation to current demand. Some creators who make it into one show may not make it into the next, due to space availability and show size. Also please note that creators with frequent and longstanding publishing credits in the arts and comics community may be given larger spaces, if they represent a greater demand and draw to our fans and attendees. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The MCBF is proud of its commitment to give back to the community and the comics industry.

Below you will find the link to begin our application process. Please make sure to complete all fields correctly and fully to have the greatest chance of being approved! This will include your name, contact information, questions regarding your creative talents, published work (if any), web presence, etc.

If you are new and do not yet have a web presence, you may email us samples of your work to be considered for a space. Please note that emails received shortly before a show may not be reviewed until the next show. Please do not send multiple emails as it slows down the application process.


Submitting an application is not a guarantee that space will be awarded. You may receive a confirmation that your application was submitted to us. If you are awarded a FREE creator space, you will receive a separate email at a later date stating that you are confirmed. All confirmed creators will receive an additional email with set-up times and instructions about two weeks prior to the show.

Please keep in mind that due to demand, we do rotate a certain percentage of creators accepted from show to show.  If you are not accepted to consecutive shows, please do not feel like you've been slighted.  We desire to keep our shows fresh, new, and exciting, to engage and interest our attendees! We also strive to give everyone an opportunity to showcase their talents and work.

If your application is not approved, we strongly encourage you to apply again next time!

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