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Costume Contest

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Teen and Adult Contest

!!!Saturday only!!!

Sat: register 10am-1:45pm (subject to change), Costume Contest table

Pre-judging: 1:30 pm, report to the costume booth at 2:00 on Saturday

Presentation of costume: 4:00pm, Panel Room

Winners announced immediately after.


Awards will be given for Best in Show, Runners-Up, and additional categories based on that year's entrants.


Teen and adult costumers may only enter one costume.  If a costume has won at an MCBA event in the past, it is not eligible to win again. There is a limit of 30 entrants, teens and adults, individuals or groups.


You must meet at the Costume booth at your assigned time for judging.  Costumers, you must attend this portion of the contest and you must be on time.  


Your costume must be finished before you get to the costume booth for Pre-Judging. No sewing, gluing, spray painting, welding, or other construction work is allowed at judging. However, final assembly of large costumes and/or props and unexpected repairs will be allowed. There will be no performance element to this contest. 



Children’s Costume Contest


We will be having the Children's Contest as usual on Saturday prior to the adult contest but with an additional contest on Sunday (under 12 years old, with a parent or guardian)


The philosophy of the Children’s Contest is to provide a positive experience for children and to encourage them to continue dressing as their favorite characters.  There are no losers in this event.  We recognize all participants in a fun, positive way.


Saturday: register 10am-3:00pm  Costume Contest Booth

Presentation and judging: 3:30pm, Panel Room

Awards announced: immediately after

Sunday: register 10am-12:00pm,Costume Contest table

Presentation and judging: 1:30pm, Panel Room

Awards announced immediately after.




Additional Rules:


These Contests and the Show are intended to be family-friendly and appropriate. Please use good judgment.  All costumes will be evaluated by Contest Staff when you sign up for the contest.


The Costume Director reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, rude or disrespectful behavior, danger to the audience/other contestants, or for any other reason deemed sufficient.


Young children must be under the control of a responsible adult at all times.  Participants of all ages waiting to enter the costume contest must adhere to all instruction from the Contest Staff.


No changing areas, repair or make-up supplies, or storage areas are provided for costumers.  Please come to the Contest  and prejudging with everything you need for your costume.


Any photos taken during the costume events are the property of MSP ComicCon.  Any entry in the Contests shall not be for the purpose of advertising a company or product. 


No whiners! Contestants are presumed to be adults, or under the supervision of one. All judges' and Costuming Director's decisions are final. By entering the costume contest a participant agrees to abide by these rules.


Again, the Costuming Director has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste; danger to the audience, building, or you; violation of any of the above rules; or any other reason deemed sufficient.  This protects you and the show -- we do not wish to eliminate anyone, and we encourage everyone at MSP SpringCon to have fun!!




Every costume contest has to have its rules and there are valid reasons for each of them. Please read ALL THE RULES before you send an email with a question, chances are the answer is here! The Costuming Director has the final say.

For our 2019 show there are some some slight changes for our Costume Contests:


The Costume Contest is a live event for teens and adults.  We have such a variety of creative costumers and MCBA wants to recognize and highlight the great diversity and creativity of our attendees.  


Some people and/or groups work many, many hours on their costumes and some come up with amazing creative costumes the night before, some have wonderful elaborate props.  WE LOVE THEM ALL!  We want to give all of our entrants a chance to show of their creativity and craftsmanship and there will be prizes given for outstanding creativity of all kinds, and all levels of workmanship.  


All Costume Contest participants must be paid attendees of MCBA SpringCon. All Costume Contest participants must be paid attendees of MSP SpringCon. Volunteers and attendees that were admitted free such as artists, show volunteers or costume volunteers are not eligible to compete.   Participants must register at the Costume Booth during the ComiCon show; no early registration or online registration is available.   The Costume Booth is open during show hours on Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm, and 10:00am - 12:30pm on Sunday. There is a map at the entrance of the show where you can find the location. 


11:00 AM  |  Opening Ceremony
11:30 AM  |  Artists' Q&A Panel
12:30 AM  |  Arcade Game Match
2:00 PM  |  Anime Viewing
3:00 PM  |  Writers' Q&A Panel
4:00 PM  |  Memorabilia Auction
5:00 PM  |  Cosplay Awards
6:30 PM  |  Photo Session
7:00 PM  |  Closing Ceremony